Level 20

Hint: Start from the blinking planet. Make a word form the 1st letter of the planet around it. Starting from the closest to the furthest. Starting from "s" it ends with "i".

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Password: *** snowinthai ***

Level 19

Hint: Mirror the text and change the numbers to alphabets. Make a word.

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Password: *** god ***

Level 18

Hint: Ok so your stuck. Just enter level 17's password backwards. Then in level 18 follow the arrow with your mouse, and highlight the page outside the question. Then u can see a hidden text. The numbers mean nothing. Its showing u that there's something hidden. The real answer is at the top left of the page. A hidden text too. What is that?

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Password: *** star ***

Level 17

Hint: The red one is what you are looking for. What month looks the same as the shape like the red 'piece'. Look at any calender for the year 2077. Getting that from the bottle on the hint picture. then go back to the original picture. the 12 patterns each represent a month in the calender. Notice the shape? which month in the year starts on monday and ends on sunday?

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Password: ***february***

Level 16

Hint: Basically you need to translate the colors in hex color code. Which will give you a series of 00 or FF three for each color. After that change the 00 or FF into the binary with the given translation on the bottom. Then just Google a Morse code translator and that's it.

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Password: *** workdoguru***

Level 15

Hint: Your forming a sentence with 6 letters. The first letter is ‘i’, the second letter shares a similarity with the capital building of the 2 countries whose country codes are 33 and 81, the 3rd letter is shaped like a bridge (the bridge whose name is jumbled up), the 4th letter is shown on a helicopter landing pad, the 5th letter looks like the bottom of an empty glass, and the 6th letter is where Jesus died (it's not a place, it's a thing).

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Password: *** iamhot ***

Level 14

Hint: What is something that is missing in the dessert? hmmm... then eliminate all the letters of the thing-that-is-missing-on-the-dessert from the sentence on the first image.

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Password: *** myinfo ***

Level 13

Hint: The 10 colored squares maps keys on the keyboard (e.g. Insert, Home, PgUp and so on) and there is are colors that represents as your map and 3 words for you to edit. :D Hope you got it!

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Password: *** sirius ***

Level 12

Hint: It is about what the clues tell you, 2nd page there are 4 numbers for what? Do them in 1st page with the top sign one by one and you will get your answer from the digital characters.

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Password: *** acup ***

Level 11

Hint: The password is a number, obviously. Just Google everything that you see on the image. Search for the name of the Director of the film (SwordFish) and search for the death date of the director.

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Password: *** 52023 ***